Tuesday, June 21, 2011

She Looks Like An Angel...

Oh this baby girl! So adorable, so sweet, so angelic. Right? HA! WRONG!! Every time I take Ella to the pediatrician for her routine visits we go home with a packet that explains what your baby should be doing developmentally between each routine visit. Every single packet that I have ever gotten from the pediatrician says to give your child what they want as they are too young and it is not possible for them to be spoiled yet. Well Doc... I'm sorry to say, I have to disagree. Let me explain...

Last Friday I took the day off of work to spend will Ella because she had not been feeling well and did not sleep well the night before. I decided to run some errands later that afternoon with my mom because while Ella was a little fussy, she seemed to be feeling better. We went to Carter's because they were having a sale that I wanted to check out. While we were there Ella got extremely irritable. My mom decided to pick up a toy and dangle it in front of Ella to see if she could amuse her for a while. It worked! Ella instantly stopped crying and seemed to be amused enough that I could finish my browsing. When I was done I told my mom that we could go. She set the toy down so that we could leave and the second she did Ella started to squeal at the top of her lungs. My mom picked the toy back up and dangled it again and Ella stopped crying. The same thing happened 3 times. Each time my mom put the toy down Ella screeched louder than she did the time before. My mom looked over at me and said "well I guess I'm buying this toy." I tried to tell her no but, she of course bought the toy even though it was ridiculously expensive. So we left the store, toy clipped to Ella's car seat, with a perfectly happy child. Not only do I think that it is possible for her to be spoiled, I think this kid knows exactly how to manipulate people into giving her what she wants. I could not believe that she acted like that. I was embarrassed by my child's tantrum and she is only 4 months old! Not sure where we have gone wrong thus far but we better get this under control before it gets out of hand.

Good Things To Come

Why is this baby so happy? It could be that she has the most awesome parents in the world!! It could be because dad left her shirt on her head when he put her in the tub. Or... It could be that she is going to be welcoming a cousin into the world!!

Melody Cameron  Fowler
Due: November 2nd, 2011

That's right!! I'm going to be an Aunt!! My little brother Thomas and his girlfriend Toria are expecting a little girl this fall. It's still crazy to think that any of my siblings will ever have kids. I swear they are all still 5 in my eyes. I honestly thought that Ella was going to be much older by the time any cousins came into the picture and while this was unexpected, I'm excited for Thomas and I know that he is going to be a wonderful daddy to this precious little one. I hope that our girls will grow up to be very close and have lots of great times and memories together. It's amazing how life changes. There are definitely more good things to come for our family.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our First Baby

I noticed that I have posted so much about our new baby that I have completely neglected our first baby. Moxley is truly the most amazing dog ever. She is so smart, lovable, snuggly, cuddly, sweet, and affectionate. She has been so wonderful since Ella has been around. She loves her to death and is always wanting to protect her. We couldn't have asked for a better situation. She loves having a strict routine and is not to happy if you veer from the norm. She loves to go on walks, play with her ball, be outside in her yard, and snuggle up when she is sleepy. We love you Moxley Roo. You will always be our first baby.

Teething UGH!!

More pics fresh out of the tub. Look at that chubby thing. Her rolls are adorable.

Hanging with my buddy Moxley. It looks like Mox is biting her but she is really trying to give her kisses. These two are going to be inseparable some day.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my swing.

Sitting in my new Bumbo seat for the first time. Not sure about it yet. We are still working on it.

Ella has started teething. This was something that I was not expecting to have to deal with a few months. Let me tell ya... Not the funnest part about being a parent. She is cranky and drools constantly. I feel bad because she is normally such a happy baby. Hopefully things will get better for her soon. On a happier note she is just about the cutest thing ever. She has recently discovered her hands and is AMAZED by the fact that she is the one making them move. She also jabbers up a storm. I seriously can't shut that kid up. She always has so much to say and does it with a big smile. If you ignore her babble, she just does it louder and louder until you start talking to her. It's really quite funny. Above are just a few pics of the recent happenings in her life.