Monday, May 25, 2009

IKEA Insanity

Taylor has wanted a Poang chair from IKEA for a long time. They are super comfy chairs but they run about $100.00. Well last Saturday IKEA had the chair and cushion on sale for $39! My aunt Michelle and I decided to go down and try our luck to get one. The store opened at 10 a.m. and we got there at about 8:40. There were already 32 people in line in front of us and we were hesitant as to whether or not we were really going to even get one. Most of the time when places have sales like this they only have a very small amount of the item on sale. We ended up getting our chairs in the colors we wanted and as we were going downstairs to pick them up, we saw an insane line. We asked a worker if that was the line to pick up your chairs and she said that it was the line to get a ticket to pick up the chair (we had already gotten our tickets). She said that there were about 900 people there to get these chairs. 900!! I couldn't believe it!! Luckily we got ours and Taylor has loved playing his Xbox while sitting in his new chair.


I got up early on Saturday to go run some errands with my aunt. After getting ready in the bathroom I walked into the bedroom and saw this. It was too precious.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Zoo Fun

I love this time of year. I'm not one for the scorching summer heat but when it just starts to get warm again, I can't get enough of being out doors. Since last Saturday was so nice, we decided to take Taylor's cousin's girls to the zoo. My friend Kati from work and her husband came with us and brought their nieces and nephew. We had so much fun. These girls are always so well behaved and we just love spending time with them. We told them that they had to choose whether they wanted to ride the train or the new carousel. They chose the carousel so I sent Taylor off to buy tickets and he came back with a whole handful. He told me that he thought that the girls had been so good that they deserved to do it all. And he always tells me that I'm going to be the soft one when we have kids. Yeah right!! The day was gorgeous and we couldn't have had a better day.

Monday, May 11, 2009

4 Years Down And Many More To Come

I know I'm about a week late on this post but unfortunately I've been sick for the past week with a nasty viral mess. Last Tuesday, May 5th, Taylor and I had our 4 year anniversary. We weren't really able to celebrate on the 5th with me being under the weather but we were able to finally head out this past Saturday. We went to the Harvest at Thanksgiving Point and had a nice, quiet dinner together. I really feel so incredibly lucky to be married to such a wonderful person. We have our ups and downs and through it all I know we love each other more and more every day. Its so much fun to spend every day with my best friend. Just last night he came to bed at 3:00 am and woke me up. We stayed up talking and laughing for a half an hour about how we knew we had to get up early for work today but we were just enjoying being together talking. So with 4 crazy years behind us I can't help but wonder how amazing the years to come will be. Happy Anniversary Babe. I love you!!