Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ella's Giggle

Ella has the best laugh! She finds the strangest things funny. She was watching Sesame Street and laughing every time they made the sound that the letter "G" makes. What a goof.

Possibly The Worst Week Ever!

This week has been awful! Ella got sick on Monday and it has been a complete nightmare since. We spent two nights at Primary Children's until the wee hours of the morning and got absolutely no where. She has had fevers hitting over 105 degrees and has just been miserable. We finally got in to see her pediatrician yesterday and found out that she has influenza A and an ear infection. We did find out that she had flu A at the hospital but what they failed to tell us that it is the most horrible, violent type of flu that you can have. They also failed to mention the additional symptoms that she could develop or how we could help her deal with it at home. The only thing that we were told was to monitor her because it could turn into pneumonia. How in the world can we monitor that? UGH!! The resident at the hospital also told us she had an ear infection but when the attending came in and checked her she said that her ears were perfectly fine. Now we found out 3 days later that she did have an ear infection the whole time and could have been put on antibiotics days ago. It has been extremely frustrating to  say the least. I know that Primary Children's is a good hospital but I've lost my faith in them. This is the third illness that Ella has had to be seen for at this hospital and I have yet to have a good experience there. Taylor and I have both missed almost an entire week of work trying to get her better. It has been absolutely heartbreaking to see her this sick. On the up side, after only 24 hours on antibiotics she is doing much, much better. I even got a good giggle out of her this morning.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Goodbye Peyton. Hello Luck!

As a house hold of huge Colts fans the last few weeks have been rough. We have said all year that we were on the "Suck for Luck" campaign. Meaning that we wanted the Colts to get the number one pick in the draft so that they could pick up Andrew Luck. We knew that picking up Luck would mean that the Colts would let Peyton Manning go. Even when we knew it was coming it was still heart breaking to hear the official word. I'm not going to lie, there were even a few tears shed in our house. We had become emotionally attached to a player. We watched him win a Super Bowl for our team. We went to Indy to see him take them to a second Super Bowl. He was the reason that I started liking football so much in the first place. Now he's no longer a part of the team. It's hard to see such a great player let go and knowing that you will be cheering for a team who has a tough road of rebuilding ahead of them. It was just the Colts time. Their team was getting old and in the end everyone has to rebuild and start over. Players don't last forever. So the fate of the Colts is now in the hands of this man. If you can't have Manning, I'd take Luck!

On the plus side... Manning is headed to Denver and since we live in Utah and are pretty much forced to see the Broncos every Sunday, this means we will still be watching a lot of Peyton in our house. And, you can bet that we will all still be sporting our now "throw back" Peyton Manning Colts jerseys.


I am not one of those people who can't leave the house with out DVR-ing my favorite show. I don't even have cable. I am however, completely addicted to Dancing With The Stars. I have to watch it every Monday and Tuesday night. If I miss an episode of DWTS to attend an event with  you, then you are high on my list of special people. I get totally bummed when the season ends and at the same time I can hardly wait for the next one to begin. Tonight was the start of the new season and it did not disappoint. I'm a total nerd. I know. But I don't care. I LOVE IT!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

No Lions, Some Tigers, No Bears... Oh My!

Last Sunday my friend Anne and I decided that we were going to take our girls to the zoo. It was such a nice day and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to be outside. This was Ella's first time going to the zoo. She didn't quite get it yet but she loved being outside in her stroller. I think by the end of summer she will be loving it. About half of the zoo was closed so we didn't get to see very many animals but, it ended up being perfect for two moms with three little girls all under the age of three. Anne, thanks so much for letting Ella and I join you, Evie and Ellie and for letting us use your zoo pass. We had a ton of fun!


Chillin in my stroller


Evie and Ella



Evie and Ella


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ella's First Car

After lots of consideration we decided it was time for Ella to get a car. There were lots of decisions to be made. This was not something we took lightly. We thought about going with a truck but for economic reasons decided to go with a car instead. We test drove the car before making the purchase to make sure it was sturdy and safe. The hardest part was picking a color. In the end Taylor picked out a nice red one and we feel really good about our decision. Ella seems to be pretty happy with it too.

By the way.... If you ever purchase one of these for your own kids, fair warning, it was a nightmare to put together. I did have to laugh when Taylor finally got it done and we looked over and noticed that he forgot to put the door on. Ha ha!!


We have had the opportunity to go to quite a few of the University of Utah gymnastics meets this year and we have had so much fun. Ella seemed to enjoy herself too. Here are a few pictures from meets that we attended.  Thanks to Grandpa Riley for getting us tickets almost every week!

The photographer who takes the pictures of the gymnasts stopped and took this picture of Ella and her grandpa

Ella rockin her mustache!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Finally Snow

Taylor has been waiting all year for it to snow like it did the past few days. I myself would rather winter not come at all then decide to show up in March. Especially since we just got a bunch of fun new summer toys. The snow didn't last long but it was gorgeous while it did. Moments like these make me love the big trees in my yard. Most of the time I'm thinking of anyway that I can to get rid of them.


This is what it looked like last week when the flu hit our house. This girl is never this cuddly. Good thing we are all feeling better.