Monday, January 25, 2010

So Where Were We......

We were here!

Watching these guys...

try and make their way here...

for the 2nd time in 4 years and.....

THEY DID IT!!! The Colts beat the New York Jets in the AFC championship game and we were there to see it all!! The Colts are headed to Miami to take on the New Orleans Saints in the Super Bowl in 2 weeks!! Now if only we could afford to make it there ;)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spontaneous Weekend Trip

Where are we headed??? More details and pics to come when we get home on Monday night. Few hints...

1. We are taking a plane to get there
2. We are going for a specific event
3. Taylor and I have never done this but have both wanted to for a long time

Any guesses???

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Great Christmas

Two of the greatest presents I've ever gotten and they both came this year for Christmas. Thanks to mom and Nolan for my rockband game! It's sooo fun. And thanks to my amazing hubby for getting me the Beatles Anthology DVD box set. I've seriously wanted this since I was 13!!

Ek' Balam And More From Mexico

Eating Lunch at a beach side place just before heading home

Pics of the house we rented. It was really nice.

This cute dog lived next door. She was really scared of us when we first got there but by the end of the trip she was super excited to see us every time we came home.

I had to talk Taylor out of buying this. I think he was seriously considering it.

More Puerto Morelos Pics

This was a really pretty church at a town we stopped at on our way home from the Ek' Balam Mayan Ruins

From the top of the tallest building at Ek' Balam. The view was amazing but I'm too afraid of heights. I couldn't bring my self to go to the top.

Michelle and I stayed at the bottom. We were too chicken to climb to the top.

Ek' Balam was really cool to see. It is amazing how old these structures are and surrounding it is nothing but jungle.

These are pictures from the Cenote. Mexico has tons of under ground rivers that flow into the ocean. When limestone wears away over time they create these natural sink holes or centotes as they call them. We spent all day at this cenote going off the zip line and playing rope wars as you an see in the above pics. This has to be one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. Just beautiful blue water surrounded by jungle. It was amazing. This was by far our favorite day in Mexico.

Taylor and Russ went night snorkeling and were able to see some really cool fish. Taylor's wet suit was just a tad sung.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hola from Mexico!

Taylor and I were able to spend 10 amazing days in Mexico. We stayed in a small town called Peurto Morelos which is right n between Cancun and Playa Del Carmen and also happens to be the town where my cousin Laura and her boyfriend Russ live in the winter. Here are some pics from the first half of or trip. Unfortunately our camera was knocked into the sand on New Years Eve and broke so I have to get the rest of the pictures from my Aunt Michelle's camera.

Beach Pics

Everyone hanging at the house we rented

Taylor, Jess and Aunt Michelle

Me and Todd hanging at the beach bar

Taylor and I waiting for the sun to rise on the beach

A super nice kid from Canada that hung out at the beach made me this sweet bracelet out of beer can tabs and hemp.

This sign at the bus station was hilarious. It was for the emergency exit but Michelle and I determined that it was really trying to say that if  you are ever being chased by large arrows you should run as fast as you can right at each other.

Playa Del Carmen

All of us at dinner in Playa

Laura and Russ

Sheri and Todd

Me and Michelle with Amelia (from our favorite movie "Merry Madagascar")

Everyone on the beach on New Years Eve

New Years bonfire on the beach

Me and Tay snuggling on th beach waiting to ring in the new year

This iguana was in the back yard of the house we rented