Sunday, November 7, 2010

Things I've Learned Since Being Pregnant

I have learned a few things since I've been pregnant and here is what I've learned...

1. You always think that you are bigger than everyone else does. People have started telling me that I've just started showing and I've felt like an enormous cow for 3 months now. I try to keep in mind that no one else sees me naked which is truly where it shows the most. Clothing can cover quite a bit!!

2. Feeling your baby move and kick is one of the coolest things ever!! Now I'm not saying that I'm one of those women who loves to be pregnant but, feeling her in there is unreal.

3. The movie "Juno" is 10 times funnier when you are pregnant. I loved the movie before I got pregnant but it has some pretty funny lines in it that you wouldn't find as funny if you had never been pregnant.

4. Random people will always touch your tummy. There is nothing that you can do about it. People will never stop. It just happens.

5. When you're about to get in the shower and your husband looks over at you and starts to giggle and says "your body looks like a roller coaster" try not to cry cause as soon as you look in a full length mirror you are just going to realize that he is right. Unfortunately!!

6. Picking a birth plan is hard. I'm currently under the dilemma of trying to decide on an elective C-section or a good old fashioned vag delivery (with drugs of course). I've always said that I wanted a C-section and my doctor is totally willing to do one if that's what I decide but, is it the right decision?? It's hard to say when you've never done it before.

7. This baby is completely stubborn. If I roll on to my side at night and she is on that side of my tummy, she will continuously kick me until I roll back over. Heaven forbid she move!! I shouldn't be surprised. She was bound to be stubborn since both her mommy and daddy are.

8. I'm already seeing a glimpse of this little one's personality and she is her father's daughter. Taylor is a huge Michael Jackson fan and we were watching "This Is It" on blu ray the other night. We had the surround sound going and every time a song came on this little girl would kick and move like crazy. As soon as the song was over she would stop and then start up again on the next song. Taylor thought that she might just like music but she has never done that before or since then even when I'm busting out the tunes in my car.

9. Overall pregnancy isn't as bad as I thought it would be. The first 12 weeks were rough but since then it's been pretty ok. I know that I haven't reached the miserable huge stage yet but for now I'm just kind of along for the ride.

10. People keep telling me that I'm all belly and that from behind I don't look pregnant at all. To them I just say "Thanks!!" Losing the belly is going to be hard enough. I would hate to have to lose a backside too! If I can keep this all in the belly then I'm doing good!!

11. Sneezing and peeing your pants is a real thing. People told me it could happen and I never believed them. Turns out it's true.

Those are my thoughts for now.