Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Terrible Twos??

I know that it is notorious that two is a terrible age for children but what about the terrible ones?? The last week or so Ella has become extremely irritable and whiny. She is getting to the point that she is unimaginably difficult for Taylor and I to deal with. She throws tantrums, she cries, she fake cries, she whines..... UGH!! I honestly can't wait for Taylor to get home at night just so I can dump her on him and have 5 minutes to myself. Of course when I say 5 minutes by myself I really mean doing dishes, laundry, picking up or something along those lines. Still it's 5 minutes that I'm not dealing with the cranky kiddo. In her defense she did have the flu last week and cut a tooth last night. I'm just counting down for things to get better. Good thing she is so adorable or we might have to consider selling her to the highest bidder.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


This kid is just too damn cute!!


Taylor bought this Peyton Manning jersey 6 years ago. It finally fits Ella and now he is probably not going to be playing for the Colts. Just our Luck.

Some Times The Box Is More Fun

Birthday Girl

Last Saturday we had a party to celebrate Ella's first birthday. She had tons of fun playing with her new toys, spending time with family, and digging in to the awesome Elmo cake that Kali made for her. (Thanks again Kali. The cake was perfect!) Huge thanks to everyone who came and made this day special for Ella.  Here are some pictures of her perfect day.

Elmo Ballons

Opening Presents

The Cake

Blowing Out Candles

Loving her cake

A Year In The Life Of Ella Bean

Ella and Mommy

Sleeping with Daddy

First Day Home

Ella and Moxley

My Family

Ella's Blessing

My First Easter

First Food

First Halloween

First Family Pictures

First Thanksgiving

First Christmas

First Time Brushing Her Teeth

Wearing  Daddy's Old Sweatshirt