Friday, March 28, 2008

Sometimes My Domestic Abilities Amaze Me!

So after we went to brunch with Nolan's family on Easter morning we went to Taylor's parents to have dinner with his family. I was in charge of dessert and decided to make these sunflower peep cake. You put yellow peeps around the edge of the cake and fill in the centers with chocolate chips so that your cake looks like a sunflower. Not super difficult but huge for me. These were super easy and everyone loved them.

Happy Easter

We spent most of Easter this year with Nolan's family. We don't do very much with them and since they were all in town from Idaho and Southern Utah we went to hang out with them for the holiday. On Saturday all of the "big" kids went rock climbing while the adults stayed home with all of the grandkids. I decided to skip out on rock climbing and stayed with the kids. After all egg dying, sidewalk chalk and bubbles sounded like way more fun then rock climbing. The above pictures are of Nolan's nieces and nephews kids playing with all the fun toys outside. On Sunday morning we went back and had brunch with his family before they all had to head back home.

O'Focker Day! (Better known as St. Patrick's Day)

If you don't know my family then the title of this post might seem a little strange. My family has been going to the St. Patrick's Day Parade down town since we were all little kids. Being that it is an Irish holiday there are lots of families in the parade with names like O'Malley, O'Shea, etc. So we decided that we wanted to get in on the action and decided to make ourselves the O'Focker clan. At first it was just funny and silly but it has grown to be a big deal. The first year we made a poster that said "The O'Focker Clan". The next year we had a banner on butcher paper. We now have a professional banner that we put up at the parade every year. Some of us even have jackets that say the O'Focker Clan on the back. Every year the clan gets bigger and bigger. We did decide that to be an official O'Focker you have to come at least two years. The more the merrier. We always have such a good time. I think that my family may look forward to St. Patrick's day more than Christmas! Any way the above picture is of our sweet banner that is always put up on our same corner for the parade.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Grandma's New Bike

Ok I know that Christmas is way past and I've already done my Christmas posts but I had to add this picture of my Grandma and her new bike. Anyone who knows my Grandma knows that she is still kickin it pretty well for her age. She loves to rollerblade and ride her bike. So for Christmas my Aunt Michelle got Grandma a new bike. Now there is a little compitition in the family to be Grandma's favorite. I thought that my present this year was pretty good. I got her a fuzzy blankie, some slippers, a book called "Guess How Much I Love You" and a picture of her beloved Moxley (sometimes I think that my Grandma loves my dog more than me). I thought I was going to be in for sure until Michelle called me and told me that she got Grandma a new bike. Not just any bike. An X-Games BMX bike with shocks. Now most people would think that a women in her mid 70's would have no need for this. Not my Granny. That was of course her favorite gift for Christmas. Oh well.... I guess there's always next year.

It's Been A While!

Ok I Know that it's been forever since my last post and so much has been going on lately. Taylor and I both got new jobs and started back to back weeks. Taylor is working part time at America First Credit Union while he attends school full time. I have to hand it to him. I don't think that I could be the one in his shoes. I left my job after 6 and a half years last week. Principal was a great job but stress and the need for more money caused me to start looking else where. I got a new job at Coventry Health Care doing their FSA and HRA claims. Today was only my third day of training but so far so good. I must admit that I miss my co-workers at Principal a ton though. When you've been there as long as I had and you are with the same people every day they become your second family. I hope that Coventry will bring the same for me. If not I guess I'll just have to count down to Taylor completing school and me getting to stay home. Ha ha :) On top of the new jobs my in-laws bought a new house. They have moved out of the old house and in to the new. Taylor and I are still living at the old house until it sells or until the basement is finished on the new house so we can move over there. In a nutshell life has been totally crazy. I'm looking forward to some relaxation time though I'm not really sure when that will be coming!