Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Someone Started Walking!!

That's right!! After many months of trying Ella finally started walking! She just decided one day that she wanted my iphone bad enough that she was going to walk to me to get it. She hasn't stopped walking since. In fact the child that we tried so hard to get to walk for the last 6 months, the child who refused to even try, now get so frustrated if you try and hold her at all that she BITES! Needless to say she has spent a lot more time in time out since she started walking. Biting aside we are so proud of her and so thrilled that she finally got up off her knees and got moving on her feet. Congrats Beany!!

Spoke Too Soon

Well it looks as though my last post may have been a little premature. After doing the inspection on the new house and finding that it needed WAY more work then we could afford, we decided to back out of the deal and stay in our house. On one hand we are happy to be staying since we were having such a hard time with the thought of letting our current house go. On the other hand, I get almost sick to my stomach every day when I drive by the house that was suppose to be ours. It was just so perfect for our family. It met or exceeded all of our needs and I'm having a hard time believing that we will find another house that perfect for us and not have to leave our neighborhood. I'm trying to be optomistic in my thinking but it is hard. People who live in this neighborhood don't leave very often. Usually someone dies before a house comes up for sale. That or they are ridiculously priced and are more then Taylor and I are willing to pay for a home. I wish we were more willing to expand our search into new areas but right now we just aren't. We are so in love with everything about this neighborhood that we can't find it in us to let it go. Ah.... Oh well.... Something will eventually come up again. In the mean time, we are still in love with our tiny yet adorable little Murray house and are happy to have the home that we have.