Friday, March 27, 2009

Only Me

Ok this story is hilarious now that I'm looking back at it and no longer in pain. Last weekend Taylor and I headed down to Mesquite with my mom and Nolan for a little weekend get away. Wednesday night was spent packing up for our little trip. Now our apartment is really old and has radiant heat. While I am not the nudist that my husband seems to be, it can get extremely hot in our apartment. So while we were packing I decided to take off the pants and just hang out in my long tee shirt. No harm in that right? That was until I tried to step over the suitcase that I conveniently left right in the door way of the bedroom. Logged nicely between the dresser and the wall. In my attempt to step over the suitcase, at the time it seemed so much easier than moving it, I managed to catch my bare bottom on the corner of the dresser. My eyes instantly started swelling up with water and then I heard it. The words you never want to hear when wounded. "Don't look down at it" came right out of Taylor's mouth. Of course it's natural to look at that point. So I did and I ended up with a good 6 inch cut on my BUTT! As I laid there on the bed while my husband treated my wound he said " you'll laugh about this tomorrow." I looked up at him with tears in my eyes laughing and just said "Screw tomorrow I'm laughing now." So now in the week since the incident my behind has bled, scabbed, bruised and healed all because I was too lazy to move the suitcase. It hurt like hell but we are sure getting a good laugh at it now.