Sunday, November 27, 2011


Last night we went to my Dad and Kelly's for a second Thanksgiving dinner and to help them decorate their Christmas tree. While we were there I was able to get a glimpse into what the future holds with 3 little girls all growing up together. I can not wait!! Ella and Laurin are already so cute with each other and I before you know it, Melody will be right there with them. Who would have thought that in 18 short months my dad would have 3 granddaughters. He is absolutely loving it.

 The Fam. Darci, Grandma, Melody, Toria, Andy and Kelsey

 Lauryn and Ella giving each other loves

Ella and Lauryn playing together. Lauryn kept crawling up to Ella and it would make Ella laugh so hard. It was so cute to see these two interact.

Sitting on Aunt Darci's lap

Life's Rough When You're 9 Months Old

So rough n fact that when you pass out on the car ride home, you won't wake up long enough to get your diaper changed.

Notice how freaking tall my child is!! The pediatrician told me that it looks awkward when I hold her cause she is so tall.

O Christmas Tree

Some fun pics of  Ella playing in front of the Christmas tree. She is seriously so stinkin cute!

Thanksgiving 2011

This year we spent Thanksgiving with Grandma and Grandpa Riley. We spent the night at their house on Wednesday and were able to be there all day Thursday. I was so excited for Thanksgiving this year because Ella is eating almost all solid foods now. She was able to enjoy stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberries, jello salad and even some pumpkin pie!! She loved all of it. Especially the apple juice she got to have for the first time.

 Ella and Great Grandma Roberts
 Ella and Grandpa Riley
 Mandy and Grandma cookin in the kitchen
 Ready to eat.
 This is good stuff!

Trying to crawl. We are almost there!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

9 Months

Yesterday my baby girl turned nine months old and today we went to the doctor for her check up. I about fell off of my chair when the  doctor said that she would see us again for the next routine check up when Ella turns one. ONE!! Seriously. Did she really say one?? Ella can't almost be a year old already. She is such a precious little girl. Here are some of the every day happenings in her life.

She rolls every where and she is completely squirmy. I can hardly keep a hold of her any more.

She can't crawl yet but she scoots backwards like crazy. She's getting really fast at it too!

She can say Daddy, Mama and  Hi. She mostly just says daddy. Even though she can't say it yet, if you ask her where Moxley is she will always look right at her. She doesn't say "no" yet but she shakes her head no every time you tell her something she doesn't want to do or hear.

She is honestly the happiest baby ever. She is always smiling and laughing. It makes me so happy to see that she is so happy.

She has her two front teeth on the bottom. When she smiles you can see them and it just makes me smile.

She is extremely stubborn. If she doesn't want to do something, she won't do it. If you try to make her, you are going to hear about how much she doesn't want to do it. I'm in so much trouble!

She is officially a giant. She is off the charts for height now. The pediatrician told me today that if Ella doesn't slow down, she will be taller then me before she gets to 6th grade. MY KID!! I'm only 5 ft tall and I some how ended up with an extremely tall child. Who'd have ever guessed that one.

The last nine months have been so amazing. I am such a proud mommy. I love to watch Ella grow and learn new things. While I am always sad that she is growing up and getting bigger, I look forward to watching her learn and grow more and more every day. Ella Bean you our the light of our lives and we love you so very much.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

So Sweet

Here are some adorable pictures of my brother Thomas being a daddy. So sweet!! Moments like these are why we have kids.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Welcome Baby Melody

Melody Cameron Deanne Fowler
Born 11/10/11 at 7:56 pm
7 lbs 5 oz 19.5 inches

Congratulations Thomas and Toria!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Ella is finally starting to get some hair but it's getting a little crazy!! I'm not quite sure what to do with it.

Quack Quack!

With my Uncle Cooper. Not crying for once :)

Worlds Most Adorable Ducky!

Grandma Jackie was a lunch lady. Her costume was awesome!

This year for Halloween we decided to dress Ella up like a duck. Her costume ended up being adorable. Not bad considering I found it online, in July for $13!! We had tons of fun and spent the day making the rounds to see everyone at their works. We went to my mom's work, my work and Taylor's work. Then we went to visit Aunt Michelle, swung by the daycare for pictures, and finished our night at the trunk or treat at Taylor's parent's ward. The day was pretty busy but was a lot  of fun. After the trunk or treat we ended our night at Grandma and Grandpa Riley's and had pumpkin pizza's. Cooper and the new Mrs. Riley (Mandy) came too!! We couldn't have asked for  better first Halloween for little Bean.

Does It Get Cuter Than This??

My cousin Dillon's friend, Chelsie, made this poncho for Ella and it is sooo adorable. She said she made it in less then an hour with spare yarn. Seriously! I wish I could do stuff like that cause this turned out amazing and Ella looks so cute in it.

Check Out My Big Girl Chair!

We decided that Ella was getting too big to sit in her Bumbo seat and finally broke down and bought her a high chair. She loves it! She thinks that she is such a big girl sitting up to the table with us while she munches on her puffs :)


We brought Ella home from my Aunt Michelle's the other night and she was so tired she couldn't even open her eyes.