Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas this year was a huge success!! It was so much fun to see Ella getting new toys. She was a great age to have her first Christmas. While she didn't understand it at all, she really enjoyed getting to play with new things. This year was especially neat because Taylor and I got to play Santa for the first time. Something so simple turned out to be quite the argument. Does Santa wrap or not? How many presents should Santa leave and how many should be from Mom and Dad? Who knew it could be so complicated? We ended up working out how Santa would do things for our family and it was tons of fun. We made the rounds as usual and all 4 of us, yes Moxley included, got completely spoiled! We spent Christmas Eve with the Fowler family at my Grandma Colleen's and then went and spent the night at my mom's house. We spent Christmas morning with my family, went to my Dad's, my Aunt Michelle's and finished out the night having fondue and spending the night at Taylor's parent's house. Here are some of the pictures of our special day as a family. This is literally just a small sampling. We took over 200 pictures of Christmas this year! Enjoy!

 Ella unwrapping her very first Christmas gift. She was pretty into it!

 She knew just what to do with this cell phone toy. Kinda scary considering she is only 10 months old!

 The new hat that Grandma and Grandpa Riley got Ella

 Last stop, end of the day. Looking exhausted but hangin in there.

 Opening presents with Grandma Riley

 Grandma Riley and Trouble

 Cooper and Mandy

 Grandpa Riley and his new shoes

 Daddy and Ella the day after Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Riley's house

 Taylor and Melody on Christmas Eve

 Melody and Toria

 Thomas and Toria on Christmas morning

 Matt on Christmas morning

 Nolan/Grandpa Sunshine on Christmas morning

 Kelsey and Andy on Christmas morning

 Me and my honey on Christmas morning

 Thomas and Melody

 Ella's reaction to her new Elmo doll on Christmas morning. This was by far the best picture of the day. Ella loves Elmo and was so excited about her new toy.

 Holding the Elmo doll

 Ella with her loot

 Ella on her new princess car

 Ella and Grandma Kathy

 More pics on the princess car

 Mommy and Ella with the adorable little lamb hat that I got her.

 Wearing Uncle Matt's glasses

 Ella, Abigail (my cousin Laura's baby) and Melody at Great Grandma Fowler's house on Christmas Eve

 3 of the cutest babes you will ever see. Just missing little Lauryn

 Abigail giving Melody kisses

 Ella and her soon to be Uncle Andy. Andy is amazing with Ella.

 Ella in her Colts jammies on Christmas day

 At Grandma and Grandpa Fowler's house on Christmas day

 Grandma Kelly and Lauryn

 The Riley Family. Christmas Eve 2011
At our house in front of the tree before taking off for 2 days.

Second cutest baby in the world! (mine of course is first). My beautiful niece Melody.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Counting Down

As Taylor would say.... Only two more sleeps til Christmas!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Last night we went to my Dad and Kelly's for a second Thanksgiving dinner and to help them decorate their Christmas tree. While we were there I was able to get a glimpse into what the future holds with 3 little girls all growing up together. I can not wait!! Ella and Laurin are already so cute with each other and I before you know it, Melody will be right there with them. Who would have thought that in 18 short months my dad would have 3 granddaughters. He is absolutely loving it.

 The Fam. Darci, Grandma, Melody, Toria, Andy and Kelsey

 Lauryn and Ella giving each other loves

Ella and Lauryn playing together. Lauryn kept crawling up to Ella and it would make Ella laugh so hard. It was so cute to see these two interact.

Sitting on Aunt Darci's lap

Life's Rough When You're 9 Months Old

So rough n fact that when you pass out on the car ride home, you won't wake up long enough to get your diaper changed.

Notice how freaking tall my child is!! The pediatrician told me that it looks awkward when I hold her cause she is so tall.

O Christmas Tree

Some fun pics of  Ella playing in front of the Christmas tree. She is seriously so stinkin cute!