Saturday, September 15, 2012

The New Favorite Toy

Yep! The laundry basket. Ella loves to sit in the laundry basket and watch TV. Cooky kid!

Pine View 2012

Last month we went camping with my Mom, Nolan, Kelsey and Andy. Andy was nice enough to bring his parents boat up so that we could spend some time on the lake. Turns out Ella doesn't like boating at all. She can't be my child. I love boating! I spent so much of my summers growing up boating with my dad. She's going to have to learn to like it pretty quick! We camped for 3 days which is plenty for me. While I enjoy camping I'm usually over it by about night two. I'm definitely not one to rough it. Thankfully Grandma and Grandpa have a trailer which makes it nice. While Ella was not too hot on boating she LOVED camping and getting dirty. Every time I turned around she was playing in the dirt or with a rock. She loved playing on the beach in the sand and being in the sun. All in all I would say it was a pretty good little weekend get away.

Fowler Family Trip To The Hogle Zoo

Last Sunday the Fowler clan decided to get together to go to the zoo with our little ones. It's been kind of rough taking Ella places lately. She doesn't like the stroller anymore and when you take her out to walk she just wants to do her own thing. Thank goodness for my sis and her sainted husband. They were able to help me with Ella so much and we ended up having a really good time. Ella loved all the animals. So much so that every time that we had to move on to the next animal she cried. We plan on making this little outing a yearly tradition that I hope all of our kids look forward to. It's so much fun having 3 little girls only months apart in age. As they get older they want to play together more and it's been neat to see them interact with one another. Here are TONS of pics from our fun day. (I get a little crazy with the camera. I may have taken over 150 pictures at the zoo)

Ella, Abigail, & Melody

Ella's $10 Wal-mart outfit that I am absolutely in love with.

Love her little ponytail.

Loves her Aunt Kelsey and Uncle Andy

Watching the "Ephants" as Ella would say.

Dancing by the Elephants

Ella's Favorite. The "Araffs"

My little Melly

Grandma Colleen and Colin

Tuckered Out